Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 37: A Lifetime of Negative Feedback

How to break out of the martyr role and demand support from those around you.  You have to treat yourself well and adopt a healthy selfishness. Whether it’s coming from family or clients, don’t sit through a lifetime of bad feedback or default to sacrifice.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 36: Eradicating History

How do we deal with cardinal sins and venial sins? Do we take all accusations seriously?  There are people today, and you can’t make this up, who want to ban Gone with the Wind. They feel as though the movie and the book portray stereotypical and horrible racial traits. But, a lot of art portrays what was actually the case at the time. Instead of banning things, shouldn’t we be aware of what the worst of us once was?

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 35: Fiji

There is no direct correlation between success and happiness, at least in the Pacific.  Many of the residents of Fiji don’t have glass in their windows and don’t have doors in their doorways. And yet, these are among the happiest people I’ve ever met. Why?

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 34: Damage

Don’t default to believing others are damaged or they’ll think the same of you.  What we need is trust, because we want others to trust us. But, if you start from the position of believing others are damaged, you’ll be hard-pressed to establish any meaningful connection.

The Uncomfortable Truth Podcast – Now Weekly!

Due to tremendous feedback and requests, Alan Weiss’s The Uncomfortable Truth Podcast is now weekly, appearing every Thursday on the Contrarian Consulting blog. In this podcast, Alan will continue to address the issues and challenges that we tend to avoid or duck. The first of the weekly podcasts will be Thursday, May 31st, and every Thursday thereafter.