Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 45: Who’s That Knocking?

Awards are a dime a dozen, but acknowledgment can mean all the difference in the world.  Don’t wait for acknowledgment, shout it out. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you’ve done.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 44: The Great Fork in the Road

You can take a fork or ignore a fork, you have to choose a side.  There’s almost always a better way, and you need to be able to admit this fact of life to yourself if you want to experience growth.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 43: The Limits of Technology

Keeping our perspective when ballistic missile warnings are wrong and German Shepherd hair can foil a robot.  Sure, technology can do a great many things, but are we stopping often enough to consider its limits?

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 42: Negotiating with Time

Time is a priority, not a resource. You can no more negotiate with it than you can with a hurricane. But you can get out of the way of the storm.  Many people view time as some sort of enemy or competitor. This might change a few perspectives.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 41: Introspection

Why spending time examining who you really are and what your calling is can ruin your life.  Introspection ought to be a good thing, right? Not so much. I explain why in this episode of The Uncomfortable Truth.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 40: The Lobster Principle

How a crustacean can demonstrate positive traits for all of us by being vulnerable.  Lobsters are not just for the seafood enthusiast. Pay attention, as they can provide valuable lessons that you need to be in tune with – for business and for life.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 39: Shut It Down

Wherein government might be improved if those making the laws were subject to the consequences of those laws.   Remember the recent government shutdown? It means absolutely nothing when the people shutting it down don’t face any consequences for doing so, we need our lawmakers to be more accountable.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 38: I Suffer, Therefore I Am

How suffering has become the proof of existence and why we all need to reflect back on Descartes.  Why do so many people feel like they’re not truly living until they’re suffering and exhibiting it out to the world?

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 37: A Lifetime of Negative Feedback

How to break out of the martyr role and demand support from those around you.  You have to treat yourself well and adopt a healthy selfishness. Whether it’s coming from family or clients, don’t sit through a lifetime of bad feedback or default to sacrifice.

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 36: Eradicating History

How do we deal with cardinal sins and venial sins? Do we take all accusations seriously?  There are people today, and you can’t make this up, who want to ban Gone with the Wind. They feel as though the movie and the book portray stereotypical and horrible racial traits. But, a lot of art portrays what was actually the case at the time. Instead of banning things, shouldn’t we be aware of what the worst of us once was?