Talk The Walk

Did you ever wonder how to create your own podcast? During the New Product Experience conducted today in Rhode Island, Alan Weiss discussed the effective and successful components of a podcast, he then had the participants develop the bullet points and called on Donna Brighton to create the podcast with him. With the help of the workshop co-presenter, Chad Barr, the podcast was immediately recorded, music added and uploaded to this blog.

and now also on iTunes

Click Here for entire podcast series table of contents

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4 Responses to Talk The Walk

  1. Nice live podcast.. the applause at the end is well deserved.

    Good food for thought!

  2. Alan Weiss says:

    You are a strategic business rabbi? Baruch adoshem ROI?!

  3. Psssh, Alan! Baruch Hashem!

    You should fix the URL in your blog comments so that it hyperlinks properly to your site. (Feel free to delete this once you have done that. if it is “autofill” in your browser, you need to fix it so it stays correct in future post comments as well.)

    Issamar Ginzberg

  4. Thank you Issamar. URL on post#2 is fixed. You know how Alan feels about success, I am the one who brings the perfection :-)



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