Taxi, Anyone?

Taxis in New York (and other cities) require medallions to legally operate, and the medallions, being fixed in number, have often sold for six figures, with taxi fleets sometimes spending millions. However, medallion prices are now declining for the fist time in my memory.

Why? Because of industry disruption, AKA: Uber.

Whether you use Uber or even like it (I do and I do), it is a disruptive idea that is changing an industry. It’s not even that innovative, since it represents a limo service that is “on call” through technology.

If you’re in a “broad” field, such as leadership, or strategy, or change management, what are you doing to disrupt it? Is there post-heroic leadership, or a six-hour strategy, or resisting change management? Is “presence” more important than leadership, is strategy no longer required, does “change” need redefinition?

Start considering it, or you may be taking a taxi back home.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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