The Coyote Lesson

I’m conducting the Million Dollar Consulting® College here in Newport, RI. We’re at Ocean Cliff, one of the huge, former private mansions, overlooking Newport Bay and the Atlantic.

Participants who walk or jog in the beautiful surroundings often report seeing coyotes. These animals thrive here, with plenty of food and no natural predators. They shy away from people and generally mind their own business. They are far from the ineptitude of the best known of their clan, Wile E. Coyote, who never catches the roadrunner.

They come here, and proliferate, because there is an abundance of wildlife—rabbits, squirrels, and other small game running all over the hillsides. I’ve never seen a coyote waiting on a corner for a rabbit to come to it, or making a list on how to catch a rabbit, or sitting around with colleagues discussing why they can’t catch rabbits.

If you want business, find out where your buyers are, go there, and pursue them. If ten of you are chasing one buyer, your odds aren’t too good. If you’re chasing ten buyers by yourself, you should do okay at dinner time. And the only natural predator you have to worry about is the negative aspect of your own beliefs.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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