The Crash of 2007

Dear Visitor,

My name is Chad Barr and I am the implementer and moderator of Alan’s Blog and Alan’s Forums.

We have just recovered from a serious hardware malfunction to our dedicated Internet server, which hosts this blog, our company web site and many of our clients’ sites. Unfortunately, our disk drives crashed, bringing our server down on Friday Afternoon. We then had to rebuild the server and reload it from scratch using our backups. Quite a few challenges along the way, great and dedicated staff working on our server for the past 20 hours, and I am glad to report, the server is back up and running since midnight EST Saturday 7-28-07.

The good news is that we are back in business and all of Alan’s content is back online.
The bad news, I am sorry to report, is that we have lost all visitors’ comments to Alan’s posts on this blog.

Although it is not usually a challenge when backing up normal web sites, since they usually do not change that often, it is quite a challenge when backing up live and dynamic databases such as this organic blog.

This experience will force me to re-evaluate our backup and recovery procedures and improve wherever possible so this does not happen again. This to me is an example where 80% is not good enough.

I personally am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to encourage you to visit often, interact with Alan and post your comments again.


Chad Barr
CB Software Systems, Inc.

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