The First Sale

The co-author of my very first book, with whom I had worked for ten years prior in a Princeton consulting firm, and who was a fantastic sales guy (he ran Europe and I ran the Far East and Latin America), pointed his finger at me one day when we were having one of our regular, friendly disagreements and said, “The only thing you can sell is yourself!”

“What’s your point?” I asked.

3 thoughts on “The First Sale

  1. I noticed you mentioned Latin America. I recently visited Medellin Colombia, and I found it to be a fantastic city (and safe by the way, contrary to what we hear from the state department), where I can rent a 3 bedroom penthouse apartment in the Poblado area for around 1500 USD per month, and dinner for 2 in a great restaurant with a bottle of wine for under 80 USD. What was your experience working with Latin America, and if running a solo practice is a viable option while living there, with clients in the USA? (VOIP for phone & fax, and travel to the States when needed, etc.) Medellin is also known for beautiful women, which I can verify to be very true. (I’m 29 and single). Is this a viable option, to run a successful practice while living abroad?

    • I ran Latin America for a consulting company, and then went on two speaking tours there after going out on my own. I spoke in Colombia when it WAS dangerous and when Venezuela was wealthy and stable. You can run a solo practice anywhere, but you’d have a hard time if your clients were in the US. Moreover, culturally, it’s tough because people tend not to say “no” candidly, meetings and appointments are ALWAYS late, and things move quite slowly compared to the US. I’ll get in trouble for this, but the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen (that is, daily, on the street) are in Venezuela, Colombia, and the Philippines, and the most musical people I’ve ever encountered are in the Philippines.

      • I appreciate your insight, and I absolutely agree. Paisas (people that live in Medellin) are known for saying yes to things, even though they are not interested, and if they are 45 minutes late to an appointment, they feel it’s no big deal. I see Colombia as having a better quality of life, where to live well, the costs are 1/3 as to what they are here in the states. I will have to see for myself how often I have to travel as my client base grows. I live in Orlando currently and I have to travel about 1 week per month at the moment, and will increase as I grow. While I was in Medellin, I rented an airbnb to myself, and went to salsa clubs in the evening and just felt, man what a life! We’ll see if it works. Worst case scenario, I’ll just have to move to Miami.

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