The Haters

A while ago I decided I’d write occasionally for a local blog. The administrator is a very nice, bright woman and does a professional job.

What I learned, however, is that there are real “haters” out there who are, thankfully, rare among professional blogs and social media outlets (I see them mostly on YouTube comments). They launch personal attacks against anyone with whose opinion they disagree. Some will call you a “bleeding heart liberal who hates the rich,” while another will call you “a heartless conservative who wants others to starve.” They base this on no evidence, they just hate your opinion and, consequently, hate you.

They question your background, and simply make up facts to try to engage in character assassination. And these are just the posts that the administrator allows through, since she rejects those with obscenities and possible slander. One took a look at my website and claimed it was all fictitious, that I was lying about my accomplishments, and that I was really running a multi-level marketing scam!

These people are like piranha seeking blood in the water, and they don’t hesitate to turn on each other if they run out of victims. About a half-dozen of them effectively stymie any kind of objective discussion about politics or local issues by immediately going on blind attacks. The administrator told me, when I asked why she allowed them to publish at all: “This stuff is out there, and we have to realize it.”

I don’t mind these people having guns, if they have them, because I think they’re too stupid to use them. But I do mind them having the vote.

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