The HR Non-Revolution

This is from someone named Ben Whitter on Linkedin:

“The never-ending debate about the future of Human Resources took another major twist as Airbnb, a company valued at $25.5 billion dollars based in the shared economy space, recently announced that they are redefining their HR function in terms of what it is and what it does with the appointment of a new Global Head of Employee Experience to oversee and connect everything to do with their ‘workplace as an experience’ vision, which is central to their culture and customer-centric approach.”

Would anyone care to translate that into English? It certainly sounds like traditional HR to me: obscure, arcane, and chasing your tail: “space, employee experience, workplace as an experience vision, customer-centric.”

Right. There is no “never ending debate,” just a vestigial organ hanging on hoping to someday be as useful as an appendix.

6 thoughts on “The HR Non-Revolution

    • It also omitted my actual reply to your post. I had written “smile” between left and right angle brackets to indicate a wry grim agreeing with your irony. I suppose it took the brackets as html commands or the like.

  1. The core HR functions are valuable. The HR _department_, not so much… in part because they try to prove their worth by arrogating functions best left to the business units.

  2. Most HR folks preach about breaking down silos in the org, yet perpetuate this thinking in the way they operate. Still stuck in a “transactional mindset” where its about vacation days, and pay, and not about any of the truly relevant insights and data about the actual folks who make it all happen.
    And still they wonder about a lack of C-Suite role and truly aligning with business folks and adding the vale that would differentiate them

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