The Interest Connection

There is a juncture in most first conversations with legitimate prospects at which that person will decide whether or not to subsequently meet with you. Whether on a phone call or in a casual conversation at an event or after a speech, the key is to focus on that next “yes”: a personal meeting.

The determining factor here is priority, and priorities shift based on value (ROI). For the client to shift time to you from anything else (few are sitting around with unassigned time awaiting consultants to show up and chat), there has to be an intellectual and emotional satisfaction that the reassignment of time will pay off.

Be careful to focus solely on the meeting (not a “sale” at this point, which you won’t get, or some vague agreement about “next month,” or willingness to “send materials”). Provide the energy to continue the electrical charge from the current conversation to the meeting agreement. My electric trains used to stop when there was a short in the track. Some of you have a “short” in your relationship process.

If you practice and master this single transition—this juncture—you will obtain more meetings, which will generate more proposals, which will create more business. Call it the “interest connection.”

© Alan Weiss 2015

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