The MGM Grand Skylofts in Las Vegas

I hosted a program called Ocean’s 11 in Las Vegas just prior to our annual The Odd Couple® workshop with Patricia Fripp (where I’m headed this morning).  The MGM Grand Skylofts is an outstanding experience. Here are out “digs.” You can see an infinity bathtub with its own TV; another TV that plays in the mirror; my “writing nook”; and other amenities in the bilevel, huge suite, like the steam room!

2 thoughts on “The MGM Grand Skylofts in Las Vegas

  1. Very cool, Alan! I love staying in suites like this when I travel. I don’t do it all the time but it’s a nice treat every once in awhile and feels like I’m living in a house rather than a cramped hotel room. That view of the airport is amazing (I’m a plane buff so I may be an exception here!)

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