The Remy Martin “I can do anything shot”: Alan banks the eight ball the hard way.

At the recent (April 2008) Million Dollar Consulting® College Grad School in Naples Florida, the four of us (Alan Weiss, Maria Weiss, Chad Barr and Kim Wilkerson) engaged in an intense pool game after an intense day of learning. While Chad was asking “Which one is the 8 ball” Alan turns around and pulls this shot. (Commentary by Libby Wagner):

Live From the Million Dollar Consulting® College – Still Continues

I previously attended Alan’s Million Dollar Consulting College and am always delighted to be invited as the returning Internet guest speaker for the college. As much as I enjoy delivering my presentation, I also find it mentally stimulating to visit with Alan and his very smart college attendees. While hanging out with the gang the evenings before and after my presentation, I used my flip video gadget to record some very special moments, which I know you will all enjoy. …