The Non-Resolutions

Statistically, 94.56% of New Year’s resolutions are not met. (I made that up, but I’d bet on it.) The error is in making them in the first place without support.

Want to accomplish some great objective—write a book, lose 25 pounds, close six-figure projects, learn to play the guitar? Then, counterintuitively, focus on the tasks and write them in your calendar as non-violable “appointments with yourself” beginning January 1.

Examples: Hire a music teacher, stop eating starches, write a book title and ten chapter headings, create more value in your consulting offerings. Then go to step two rapidly thereafter: Attend first lesson, join a gym, write four sub-headings per chapter, ask a coach or mentor who sells six-figure projects to review your value offerings.

Only the daily time “in the trenches” will advance you toward your goals. Reciting mindless affirmations won’t do it. Fooling yourself with dumb tricks like walking on hot coals won’t do it. Focusing your attention on them “when you get the time” won’t do it. You need to treat this as you would a doctor’s appointment or a client meeting—you don’t blow them off.

Air power never took and held a strategic objective. Only troops on the ground can do that. Come on down from 40,000 feet and walk the talk. Otherwise, sooner or later, your resolutions and you will  be shot down.

© Alan Weiss 2016

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