The Prime Question

The title of this blog is “Contrarian Consulting.” Let me offer you the prime contrarian idea in this profession, which really shouldn’t be contrarian at all: First ask, “What is in the client’s self-interest?”

The answer to that question should readily set your direction. It’s not any of these:

“How can I make the most money?”

“How can I protect myself?”

“Which part of my methodology can fit in here?”

“Where can I quickly get referrals?”

If you think about the client’s true needs, you’ll do quite well. If you think about yourself, you won’t (or you’ll do well temporarily at the expense of others, as in every unethical pyramid scheme—AKA “network marketing”—in the world).

That’s why your value proposition should reflect how the client is improved and not what you do.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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