9 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall Episode 125: The Fitting Room

  1. Alan – wondering why the Video channel for WOTW is ‘unlisted’? I.e. only people with a link can see it. I would have thought it is a lost marketing opportunity for ‘passing traffic’ to find you? Interested to hear your view

    • I think Dennis is referring to the fact that WOTW is not listed as a separate entity from Alan Weiss video channel on Youtube.

      Perhaps he experienced the same minor inconvenience as I did, which is, having to dig into Alan’s vids to put together a numerically ordered list of WOTW..

      Alan, just as a friendly “mirror” on the matter, you could delight your audience by setting up playlists. I’d love to see a few of them, something like WOTW season 1, WOTW season 2, and so forth.

      Last but not least, in absence of the necessary means or time, WOTW is the closest thing anyone can have to hang out with you for a few minutes every now and then, so please keep it up!


  2. Thanks Alan. Not sure what happened there. It appears normal now. I was I think the 4th viewer oin the day of the post. And there was definitely an indication on the settings that it was restricted – which prompted the question because I thought that would be unusual for you. (I thought maybe it was normally viewable by Forum members only or something.)

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