2 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall Episode 92: Cheeseburgers

  1. The President where I went to University in Texas used to say to the whole student body that he would tell all kinds of people that he loved burgers, especially when they were dripping with sauces and fats all over his hands and down his arm. He would say, oh so drily, that people would get upset with him, supposedly because he shouldn’t be espousing unhealthy foods, and that he didn’t understand why they would get upset. But to any college student (and clearly those with discerning palates), a great juicy burger…

    • People need to stop taking themselves so seriously. I’m weary of 19 special arrangements for 11 people because of food idiosyncrasies. (Somehow they always manage to drink my good wine!) And the most fanatic of the food mavens always look the unhealthiest. Dogs will eat anything, and they always look good and have great energy.

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