Thinking Big

Think big. If you want big projects, big buyers, big notice—think big. I was asked recently for a donation for plans for an arts group. I’ll make a small donation, but not a larger one because they weren’t thinking big enough to excite me.

Don’t make small plans. We’re here to make waves, not stick our toes in the water.

2 thoughts on “Thinking Big

  1. Hi Alan,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us; you’re an inspiration and a role model for me.
    Re one of your tweets: my hardest hurdle to increase business is to get to meet the CEO, the one who has the power to buy. Most of the time, I get to know the Vice Presidents all right but they can be reluctant to offer a recommandation, as if they were offering me some big present with nothing in return.
    Can you offer some tip on how to network for those of us who are not yet nationwide famous?

    many thanks, take care.

    beatrice from Paris -France.

    • You don’t mention the size of the firms. In many cases, a vice president IS a buyer. You don’t have to see the CEO. The question is: Who can authorize a check to pay for your value?

      Second, you must tell the VP, “Will you introduce me to your boss, or should I contact him/her myself? If the later, should I mention our conversation or not?” Don’t allow yourself to be stalled at a lower level if that person isn’t the buyer.

      Finally, you need to make the recommender look good by referring you to the boss, meaning you have to provide unique value, a sense of urgency, and high enthusiasm.

      I hope that helps.

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