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I’m on my way home from my fourth annual Thought Leadership Conference, this one featuring guests Randy Gage and Dan Pink. Next year will be October 22-24 back here in Palm Beach or environs. The guest speaker will be announced in the next couple of months once negotiations are complete.

The maximum participation is 25, and there are only six seats remaining! There is no place else where in three days you can hear great thinkers, share meals with them, commune with elite consultants (this year from six countries), and share outstanding food and wine.

Some of the issues we tackled, just as examples:

• It’s not about having the answers, it’s about asking the right questions.

• If you ask the wrong questions, no matter what answers you receive, they’re aren’t useful.

• If you want to be a leader, you need to publish by whatever means you can.

• The point isn’t to be consistently right, but to be consistently provocative.

• You’re an expert with diverse means to convey that expertise, but you limit that potential when you call yourself a “consultant” or “coach.”

• You must surround yourself with people who will stretch you and with whom you aspire to be a peer.

• Self-esteem and confidence are the heart and soul of truly stimulating others.

• Enthusiasm in contagious, and evangelists will result.

• You have to demonstrate and convey your value very quickly, in conversations, speeches, publishing, etc.

• Intellectual property has to be continually created and evolved, and there are pragmatic and rational ways to do that.

• There are rational thinking and process skills which are the express lane to issue resolution, improvement, and leadership.

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