Today’s the Day

I meet a lot of people obsessed with planning. They are constantly looking ahead, putting things in place, prepping for the future.

I meet other people who are immersed in the past. They replay the mental tapes constantly, examining what they did and should have done.

My suggestion is to live in the moment. I’m against neither past introspection nor future visualization, unless they are at the expense of living in the moment. I see people missing what’s right in front of them and surrounding them because they are not really present.

We should not primarily look back in anger or reminiscence, and we should not solely look forward in fear or anticipation. We should look around us in focused awareness and appreciation of this moment, this day. I’m told this is how chronically ill patients most successfully cope, with each day as a gift.

We shouldn’t have to be ill to appreciate the gift.

© Alan Weiss 2015

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