Traits of Thought Leaders

I presented this at my annual Thought Leadership Conference in Palm Beach last week. You can read about my next one here:

The 17 Traits of Thought Leaders

1. Creation of contemporaneous IP (use of current events).

2. Media savvy/excellent speakers.

3. Social media attentiveness (large amounts of followers).

4. Impressive clients.

5. Multiple and frequent commercially published books.

6. Long-lived material (e.g. Million Dollar Consulting on the shelves for 25 years)

7. Catch-phrases (Marshall Goldsmith’s “what got you here won’t get you there”).

8. Global reach and appeal.

9. Can be seen in person at events.

10. Cited and quoted by others in and out of the field.

11. Creates community among followers.

12. Predictive accuracy (not 100%, but a high percentage).

13. Fearlessness (I think Tesla is a charity and Musk really wants to sell it).

14. Apolitical, create common ground not polarization.

15. Generous and philanthropic.

16. Overtly high intellect.

17. Self-effacing.

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