I am going to translate the language of It’s All Your Fault (IAYF) to the language of Maybe I Should Accept Responsibility (MISAR). Be careful with the irregular verbs.

IAYF: You didn’t send me the link.

MISAR: I should check my spam folder and junk file where it probably is.

IAYF: When does the session start, I’m trying to make plans?

MISAR: I should read the instructions I already have carefully.

IAYF: Here’s what I need from you.

MISAR: Here’s what I can do for you.

IAYF: I can’t hear you back here.

MISAR: I’d better sit closer because my hearing isn’t that good.

IAYF: The temperature is too cold (or too hot), change it.

MISAR: I’ll dress in layers and be prepared for the group’s preferences.

IAYF: You need to tell the hotel about my food allergies and special diet.

MISAR: I need to make a note to call the hotel about my food preferences.

IAYF: I have to leave two hours early, will you send me a summary of your notes?

MISAR: I need to make travel arrangements that accommodate the ending time.

IAYF: May I add something to what you should said that would help everyone?

MISAR: This isn’t the time or place to try to be the second smartest person in the room.

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