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When you buy online from Kiehl’s, the high-end skin care company, they “demand” that you choose three free samples to be shipped along with your order. I haven’t figured out how to avoid this (I assume there’s a box to check somewhere) so I simply choose three. Inevitably, my wife or I find at least one worth ordering in the future.

At Kiehl’s counters, they lavish you with free samples, and the same offer is made over the phone. It’s a brilliant strategy.

What “samples” are you offering to clients? They’ve already made at least on purchase decision, so why not offer your insights on a different aspect of the business, or a free subscription to your otherwise paid newsletter, or a free assessment of a potential hire’s fit in the culture?

This isn’t “scope creep” or “scope seep.” It’s merely an inducement to try more of the product or service in the future as a paying customer.

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