A woman named Sprinkel asked me a question on Twitter that was impossible to answer in 140 characters, so I suggested she use email. Just responding to her question was a favor.

Instead of thanking me, she informed me that if I can’t communicate on social media then I “just don’t get it.” I asked why she would be following me if I don’t get it. She then responded by accusing me of giving her “the verbal bird” and informed me she was no longer following me, as if that were excommunication and my world had to end.

So, not only did she want a favor, it could only be on her terms while lecturing me on Twitter hygiene. I guess she is the Twitter expert.

She’s a Twit.

© Alan Weiss 2013

2 thoughts on “Twit

  1. Alan, perhaps brevity is the soul of twit. I enjoy your blog and your incisive observations about human behaviour. Thanks(140 characters,I think)

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