Two Buyers A Week

If you get in front of two, true, economic buyers every week, you’ll make between $300,000 and $600,000 annually, depending on the size of your projects. Here’s how it works:

• Two buyers a week equals 100 buyers a hear.

• Let’s conservatively assume that half will pursue serious discussions with you (50).

• Let’s conservatively assume that half of those will accept proposals (25).

• Let’s assume that you close half of those (you should close 80%), resulting in 12projects.

• Assuming your average project is $30,000 to $60,000, there’s your year.

If your projects are larger or you see three buyers a week, or more than half agree to pursue things with you, there’s your million-plus. This business is about top-line growth, which in turn relies on seeing true buyers in person and developing trusting relationships.

© Alan Weiss 2013

9 thoughts on “Two Buyers A Week

  1. We must have had different math teachers, or were raised in places where years have different durations.

    Where I come from, there are 52 weeks in a year, and:
    2 x 50 = 100
    (or 2 x 52 = 104)

    2 x 50 = 50

  2. I wonder how much does Steve earns for pointing out every typo or slight mistake on the Internet?

    Glad I chose consulting over that career path.

  3. Steve, I’m sure my eduction is lacking and inferior to yours, so thanks for pointing out that there are 52 weeks in a year, which I never knew. Turns out, therefore, I’m several years older than I thought.

    I obviously rounded off to 50. I made corrections in the original, because 2X50 is 100, I’m told by my German Shepherd, who can count sheep. I think the new edition will help you sleep better.

    But, I’m curious: Outside of the math, do you find the content appealing??!!

  4. Which content?

    But seriously, it is amaizing that regardless of hundreds of times that Alan pointed that out, there are people who fail to see the message because they are so focused on the typos.

  5. Having 3 teenage kids means my concept of time is totally different to the norm.
    For example: If asked to tidy a room, the 2 minutes promised by them to get started is often a full 24 hour period for me.
    Therefore there must be several hundred weeks in a year and not 52.

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