Using a Commercially Published Book to Secure Consulting Engagements

This is a remarkable and rare interview where  Seth Kahan, author of Freelance Fortune, interviews Dr. Alan Weiss on the topic of leveraging a commercially published book to gain consulting engagements. Don’t miss this interview where Alan discusses: all you need to know about book publishing, the accelerant curve and bounce factor, what is the ultimate purpose of a book, why he seems to perceive the world differently than us and what even you can do about it, why he reads military history, National Speakers Association and prostitution. Don’t miss it!


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2 thoughts on “Using a Commercially Published Book to Secure Consulting Engagements

  1. The tuxedo is Brilliant!

    This is so true. I wish more individuals would understand that this IS a marketing piece! Ego should not be on the list! Key to open doors to BUYERS.

    My question:

    The upcoming generation of executives is more web-savvy. Commercial is still king. Are other self-published becoming more popular to be Queen?

  2. Unless you’re in a tiny niche—left handed bass fisherman—self-publishing is always going to pale in comparison to commercial publishing in terms of credibility.

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