Vote for Me!

I’m astounded at how many successful people I know who are simply besotted with awards. The external validation is like a drug.

All over Facebook, people I respect and know as very expert and competent are wooing votes to be a top guru, or authority, or performing seal. Are we so insecure, despite our accomplishments, that we need to have people place us in a rather arbitrary beauty contest final? We all know how “objective” such competitions are. Is an award going to enhance your appeal?

This is just another variation of trying to build a “Klout” score or begging people to “like” you on social media. The true test of self-mastery is when you know you’re at the top of your game by your own metrics, and you no longer need the adulation of the crowd—much less to solicit that adulation—to validate it.

Do well and help people. Another piece of glass or wood on your shelf with “best at” isn’t going to help them or you.

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