This is not a political endorsement or even comment, but simply the observation of a consultant and coach on the selection process.

If Senator Hillary Clinton received 49% of the Democratic primary vote, and is given great prominence at the convention, and her supporters are threatening in some cases not to vote for the party’s presidential nominee;

And if there are many more registered Democrats than Republicans among the electorate, and the only way for Republicans to win is to attract independents in great numbers along with some disenfranchised Democrats;

And if the Republicans are currently struggling with eight years’ residue of a largely unpopular administration, amidst serious economic problems and foreign affairs threats;

Then not choosing Senator Clinton as a running mate, a move that would almost certainly ensure election, tells me that Senator Barack Obama would rather risk losing the election than spend the next four years with Senator Clinton and her husband within his administration should he win.

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4 thoughts on “VP

  1. Someday I hope the book gets written telling us about the behind the scenes, smoke filled room negotiations that must have accompanied this decision. I cannot begin to imagine what those talks about Senator Clinton becoming (or not becoming) the running mate must have been like. Both inside the Obama and Clinton camps respectively, the possibilities that were discussed would be a fascinating insight into a historic nominating campaign. Oh yes, it would also probably be ugly to the highest degree considered what was at stake.

  2. This marketing scenario is more complicated than it appears.

    What if the Clinton market included a large anti-black market? That entire 49% could not merely be transfered to Obama and some might have gone to McCain anyway.

    What if Clinton turned out to be an uncooperative teammate? How would that have affected the performance of an Obama/Clinton enterprise?

    There are no sure things here.

  3. Not choosing Clinton as a running mate is a huge mistake for Obama. The election would’ve been a lock and he could’ve made history twice. Yes, Hillary Clinton has a strong personality and it could be challenging working with her as VP. But if Obama can’t handle that, we’re in real trouble if he becomes president. Alan, don’t great CEOs surround themselves with people who challenge their thinking? I’m with you on this one.

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