Wait, What?

We’re dining last night in a restaurant next to the venue where we’re about to see a ballet, where my wife is a long-time board member. As we’re about to leave, my wife spies two of her fellow board members across the way. She says to me, “You MUST go over and say hello, they see us here!”

So, I turn the charm dial to maximum (“I can’t give you any more power, Captain, or the warp drive will surely overheat!!”) and begin to converse with them. One says to me, “You know, you’re the envy of every man I’ve ever met.” Oh, boy, I think, I’m going to hear how fortunate I am to be married to The Lovely Maria.

“Well, my wife is certainly….”

“No, not your wife. That absolutely gorgeous car outside. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

“I thought you were referring to my wife!”

“Oh, she’s fine, but we’re all just girls, really.”

“You mean, a woman is just a woman….”

“Right, and a good cigar is a smoke!”

This charm thing might be worth paying more attention to….

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