Warning Signs of Excessive Neediness

• Anything less than a standing ovation after you speak is a failure.

• You require that people prove they’re reading all of your posts on Facebook.

• Religiously tracking your Klout score weekly.

• Comparing your follower, friends, and links to others to see how you rate.

• Trying to never allow anyone else to be the center of attention.

• Applauding yourself (“And then I was told I was the best who ever….”).

• Unhappiness when the client has paid you in full but not implemented all of your suggestions.

• Disappointment that a testimonial wasn’t longer and more dramatic.

• Anger that peers were asked to endorse a book but not you.

• An insufficient number of “this review helped me” on Amazon for your reviews.

• An immediate urge to “get back” at people who unsubscribe from any of your lists.

• Claiming credit for something or someone you barely know.

• Always feeling that someone else has a better table.

• Rapt belief in the sommelier’s statement, “Excellent choice, sir.”

• Fury when anyone forgets your name.

• The continual need to be petted to the extent that a German Shepherd would find it annoying.

© Alan Weiss 2013

2 thoughts on “Warning Signs of Excessive Neediness

  1. I have no idea what a ‘Klout’ score is and obviously don’t need to, but I do always think of Steve Martin as the sarcastic waiter serving Kermit the Frog in the Muppet Movie, when I hear ‘Excellent choice, Sir.”

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