We Get Letters….

Dear Alan,

I purchased all your books. I can produce receipts if required!!!!

I didn’t skim them. I ate them. If you were English you would be a Yorkshire man – straight talking – no nonsense.

I practiced saying my higher fees – thank you.

I responded with ease when my one man band was questioned – thank you.

I wrote proposals with value – thank you.

I sold value not time – thank you.

I dealt with decision makers – thank you.

I didn’t give concessions for free – thank you.

You didn’t offer me an education. You saved years off my learning curve. As life is so short, this empowering education helped me spend more precious time with my family – thank you.

I have written a book called HELLO PROFIT! Sell the Truth to Win in Business & Life.

Would you take a quick glance at it if I send it to you? I would like to acknowledge you in the book.

I want someone to write to me in a few years and say my work transformed their life the way you transformed mine.

Darren Kelly

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