What If It’s Not “This or That,” But Both?

Folks, let’s understand that seldom does one advance in any area replace all that went before it. We still don’t have a checkless society, nor paperless offices. We continue to use propeller-driven planes. Radio, even AM radio, has not disappeared. (And, by the way, steam-powered locomotives made the trip from New York City upstate much faster than today’s diesels.) For that matter, we still use horses, don’t we, even in police departments?

Life isn’t an “on/off” switch, it’s a rheostat. Credit and debit cards (and bitcoins) will not replace specie. Virtual reality won’t replace amusement parks.

Don’t fall victim to the “this or that” mentality. Good solutions can co-exist, although the rheostat may turn more toward one than the other at times.

Even the dinosaurs aren’t completely extinct. The crocodile is basically an ancient dinosaur and modern birds are direct descendants. Just call it nature’s rheostat.

Stop looking for black or white answers, and get comfortable with shades of grey. That’s where we can provide the most light.

©  Alan Weiss 2017

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