What Next? No Checked Baggage

Someone is now going to suggest security measures and barred public entry to baggage claim areas, and try to create another billion dollar boondoggle because of this tragedy in  Ft. Lauderdale, or perhaps ban checked luggage, which only exacerbates the harm. This mentally disturbed shooter should have been stopped long ago when he had a criminal record and told the FBI that he heard voices urging him to do harm. The FBI merely suggested that he “get help.”

The circus around the airport, with multiple jurisdictions all brandishing their weapons and badges was actually sad to see, with a thousand or more people put through agony until they got their act together. We won the battle of Yorktown with fewer people. There was zero reason to detain hundreds of people on airplanes for five hours.

Peter Drucker said once that any law made in reaction to one instance of wrongdoing is a bad law, because the actions of one miscreant punishe thousands of innocents. (Liquid prohibitions on airplanes is an example, in my opinion.) The horse is out of the barn because someone erred in not securing it. Pounding it closed now with steel bars doesn’t help.

5 thoughts on “What Next? No Checked Baggage

  1. This comment is not related to this post. I’m using this space just to communicate with Alan.

    Alan, I’m a major fan, and I read every one of your insights with pleasure. A thought just occurred to me. Is it possible that you write an article about your regular day? Like what you do-write, read- how long etc. I think it would be useful for those of us who want to emulate a successful person. (Maybe you’ve done something like this before – I just don’t know)

    • It sounds like something terribly self-indulgent. If you’d really like to read it write me back and I’ll put it on my blog.

  2. I am a new fan of yours and I think Matt has a good idea, not self-indulgent but on the contrary, possibly interesting and useful. Almost a leading by example meta-example. We can then proceed to tell you (based on what we have learned from you!) if you are spending your time on the right stuff and how you can become even more successful ;-D, all the while you’d still be making us all thin, learn and grow.

    • Well, thin would be difficult, but think is a tad easier. I’ll do a blog on it in the near future, thanks to both of you for your interest.

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