What the %&&^#>!!

You want to curse when you bang your thumb with a hammer, good for you. I do it, too. You need to vent. If you’re an Atlanta Falcon fan, and you were caught up in expletives as the Patriots used you as a doormat in the fourth quarter for the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history, I understand your pain. The same for you Seattle Seahawks followers who lost a Super Bowl to those same Patriots on the goal line at the last extremity, with the worst play call in the history of professional sports (or maybe humankind).

But if you’re explaining something about business or recreation on social media, or in a book, or in conversation, and demonstrate that your favored adjectives are vulgarities, I want to flush you from my life. Why? Because I don’t need inferior intellects around me, and every attempt to use an obscenity in a book title, or to describe a business deal, or to gain attention in an article reveals someone to me utterly without creativity or much of a vocabulary. I unlink, unfriend, unfollow, ignore, avoid, and dismiss.

Hey, maybe I’m wrong about you. But I’m still not going to listen to you.

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