What’s the Temperature?

I may have far less depth than you, but what happens to me sometimes is this: I get in the car and the outside temperature reading is 63° and I’m thinking, “Wow, great day for December!” Then I realize that I’m sitting in the car in the garage. Once I open the door and drive away the temperature reverts to an accurate 37°.

A great many times we make assumptions based on where we are and not where we intend to go. The conditions in your home aren’t those of the client’s premises, and your speech practice area isn’t the same as the main stage at the convention.

Always ask yourself this: “How can I visualize the actual conditions I’ll be in, and how best can I prepare for them?”

If I judged things by my car in the garage, I’d be wearing shorts and a tee-shirt in January. That would be fine in the car, but I’d be unprepared and pretty dumb looking when I emerged.

© Alan Weiss 2016

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