When Do Most People Want To Buy Coffee?

If you owned a coffee shop, would you open for business at noon?

If you owned a car dealership, would you locate it ten miles down a dirt road?

If you wanted to sell surfboards would you open a shop in Aspen?

If you’re a consultant, why would you be humble in terms of what you can accomplish for people? Why would you spend time fooling yourself that you’re “marketing” on social media when corporate  buyers rely on peer-level referrals and public intellectual property (e.g., commercially published books)? Why would you take any business you can get despite the fact it distracts you from ideal business that can generate more profit? Why would you be afraid to spend money on your own development when that would produce the greatest ROI? Why would you listen to people who, themselves, aren’t successfully doing what you seek to do?

Beats me. But then again, the dogs and I go for coffee at 7 am.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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