Why Apple Is So Good

I had a minor quality problem with my Apple TV downloads. I sent an email to Apple. They refunded all my money for both series I had purchased (which can still be watched, the color is just a tad off), and when I thanked them for their responsiveness and generosity, they sent me this:

Dear Alan,
You’re very welcome. I’m glad to hear that the issue has been successfully resolved.
Nothing makes Apple happier than to hear that we have pleased our customers. I hope that you continue to enjoy the iTunes Store.
Remember, we’re just an email away should you need any assistance in future.
Thank you for being valued Apple Customer. Have a great day ahead!
iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support

How can you not love these people?

8 thoughts on “Why Apple Is So Good

  1. I’ve never had an Apple product before (yes, I know they’re superior da da da da da ….) until I bought an iPad2 as a potential assistive communications device for my youngest daughter. A couple of weeks in, the screen started doing very strange things so the retailer said I needed to take it to the Apple store, which I did. I was escorted through to service and taken care of until a “Genius” support staff member could assist – all noted and tracked on their pdas. When he came, he took one look at it, said “Wow, I’ve never seen that before!” and replaced it with a brand new one on the spot. I was impressed by the overall experience enough to think maybe I should start converting …

    I also got very good service at said retailer (Australia’s Harvey Norman) when my brand new HP desktop also did strange graphics things and they replaced the whole computer on the spot without qualms. I then had a little difficulty with blu-rays playing and the HP support line was instantly responsive from the US (despite the fact that I really needed to contact HP Australia) with personal emails, attention and follow-up to ensure that everything was working fine.

    This kind of service definitely promotes loyalty …

    (Mike’s blogged story is very impressive, by the way.)

  2. Quite different from Amazon Unbox. They make it difficult to contact them, and then have strict policies against refunds like this. My problem was the the entire film didn’t download, and they couldn’t grasp why I did not get the value for what I paid. We have now been a happy Apple TV user since January.

  3. My daughter bought an ipod with her own money. 3 months before the warranty ran out, it quit. We sent it fed ex pre-paid by Apple to get repaired. It was turned around immediately (next day) and sent back, unfixed. When I called tech support they claimed it had water damage. Before calling I had noticed that the connector which hooks to the computer had a bent pin. Their is no way even my 10 year daughter could have caused that. After all mr apple supervisor I sold computer equipment for 25 years, I really do know what I’m talking about. After 20 minutes of using logic and empathy (so, I have to tell my daughter the $220 she spend of her own money) was a waste for a connector that clearly isn’t visible when working properly is bent and caused by water…. the supervisor replaced it… he wanted to know if I wanted a box sent Fed Ex overnight, or UPS ground.
    Digital Media has very little cost, as explained in Chris Anderson’s book, Free. Ipods on the other hand cost a pretty penny.

    • Alan,

      The water explanation as the reason for not wanting to honor the warranty was downright dishonest.
      Would that dishonesty compel me to risk capital on a more expensive product with them? I recently decided I can justify a tablet for my business, but the Apple Ipad isn’t on the list. I won’t risk the same dishonesty twice.

  4. Thanks, now I see your point. I understand your unhappiness.

    On the other hand, since so many people report positive experiences in similar circumstances, I’d guess you had an employee having a bad day, and ultimately you did receive what you wanted, if I can understand your post. I doubt people buy technology based on the quality of the technical support, and if you escalate any complaint high enough, you usually get what you need in any case.

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