Why Don’t We Do This Your Way?

If you want to change others’ opinions or positions—especially a buyer’s from “no” to “yes”—then understand two things:

1. You must provide reasons in the best interest of the buyer. Consequently, helping you out, giving you money, and making better use of your time are not exactly compelling arguments. But elevating the buyer’s status, saving the buyer’s time, increasing leverage, and meeting goals are.

2. An emotional approach is far more effective than a rational approach. Except for the most severe analytic personality, appealing to visceral needs will far outweigh appealing to logical needs. Telling me that I’ll surpass my objectives is fine, but suggesting that I’ll be seen as an innovator, thought leader, and originator is quite another. Telling me I’ll save quite a bit of time is appealing, but telling me I’ll be able to see my kids’ soccer games and dance recitals is far more powerful.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask what would most convincingly and rapidly change their mind. About 9.9 times of out 10 it’s about meeting or surpassing a personally important goal or need.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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