Why I Am Not Running This By You

I have some bad news.

Consensus is about something you can live with, not about something you would die for. It’s not unanimity. Most times, consensus is simply an idealistic vision which has virtually no bearing on the quality of the decision at hand.

Too many of your clients (and, perhaps, you) are wasting time trying to get buy-in and commitment from people who simply don’t matter in the long run. Ineffective and frightened leaders strive for “consensus” to protect themselves. (“Don’t blame me, I asked you first.”)

Make a decision and move. If you’re an expert, that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you’re not an expert, then get out of the way.

One thought on “Why I Am Not Running This By You

  1. Alan, great reminder. And if someone has been conditioned thus far in his life to “get consensus”, how would you suggest to break that pattern and become a more effective and faster decision-maker? As always, I appreciate your insight!
    – J.J. Peller

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