Why Pay When You Can Ignore the Charge?

A person ordered a book, we sent it immediately, the credit card turned out to be denied, and the individual refuses to pay or even respond to communications. I promised I would let others know:


Drue Mills

Stillwater, Oklahoma

It’s a small matter, but theft is theft, right? There should be consequences.

I hope you’re very proud.

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9 Responses to Why Pay When You Can Ignore the Charge?

  1. Dennis says:

    A quick google shows FB and LinkedIN profiles too. Rest assured, she weill get no value from your books

  2. Craig Martin says:

    The sad thing is, while myself and most people would blush at cheek and cover our mouths with embarrassment, she is probably congratulating herself in ‘oneupmanship’.

    I think Dennis is right, she has no substance.

    And as for it being a small matter, she may have done the same to others, so yes, there should be consequences.

    To be fair, consequences are often the best platforms to learn from.

  3. Noah says:

    Amazing – What Dennis said..

  4. Alan Weiss says:

    Does anyone know the square root of 163 times infinity, so that I can log in and place comments here?

    • Craig Martin says:

      Jeez, Alan. At least you get the easy ones.
      Mine said 3 + six =

      Starting with numbers then converting to letters?
      I’ve always been poor at algebra.

      What do these people want?

  5. Alan Weiss says:

    It must be an anti-spam device. Like Monty Python: What’s your favorite color? Sorry, that’s incorrect.

    • Craig Martin says:

      Quality humour, and big Spam fans to boot.

      But are evidently no brain surgeons working on the script code for these bloghosts at the moment!

  6. ALAN WEISS says:

    I have no idea how it’s done, and my site has been under attack at times from sickos. If you agree, subtract 7 from 3.

  7. Craig Martin says:

    I tried, but was left with a hole where my brain cell used to be.

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