Why the World Needs Consultants

I’ve been interested recently in the new Ferrari F12. Ferrari is territorial, so I called the Massachusetts dealer. He actually told me that it would be about two years, he’d have to give preference to his current customers, blah, blah, blah, and never bothered to get my name!

I’ve owned three Ferraris. I can afford the F12. Don’t you think he’d want to send me literature, or invite me to a preview, or have me on hand in case someone cancelled!?

NEVER just turn away a qualified prospect. I don’t care how much business you think you have. You never know when you might need them, and you never know what they may say if you simply drive them away, no pun intended!

© Alan Weiss 2012

3 thoughts on “Why the World Needs Consultants

  1. The good thing is that you can drive it in the city in low gear. But you need to take it out on little used parts of the Interstate to go high-end, or take it on snaking country roads for the handling.

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