Winter White

We’ve had the heaviest snowfall in our 29 years in Rhode Island, about 20 inches on our property. Our generator is powering the house, and about half the population of the state is without commercial power.

Buddy Beagle skips around like a rabbit when he must, and comes back inside, but Bentley romps around like a huge kangaroo, chasing anything he can in the snow. The plower managed to clear our driveway (about 200 yards) and we have the truck available, although there’s a ban on all driving except in emergencies.

The photos below are in color, keep that in mind!

The front of the house, with trees bent to the ground.

From the house, across the pond, to the bridge.

Branches frozen into the pond.

The view over the bridge.

The ducks flew into the yard to eat what the birds knock off the feeders.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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