If you had left your money in the stock market or invested at the time of the great recession four or five years ago, it would be worth more than 150% of that amount today. I had said last year that the market would likely hit 14,000 this year, and I was wrong: it’s hitting 15,000.

All those people  paid to find the worst possible news, and those who wanted to profit through fear, will be back, of course. They’ll say this isn’t “real” and that disaster looms, despite the fact that joblessness is down, manufacturing up, housing up, and a dozen other positive indicators. (Watch for “comments” after I publish this!)

And this is DESPITE an executive and legislative branch that are stubborn, ineffective, and in deadlock over “sequester”: Which we were told would result in a “fiscal cliff.” Imagine if they ever take their hands off the brakes? (Don’t hold your breath. Since the terrible Newtown shooting tragedy, they have been unable to pass a single gun law.)

For those of us in professional services, there is wonderful potential for growth and wealth. (And I am sensitive to the fact that many who worked in organizational America are still trying to recover and have been harmed long term.) We take the risks of working on our own without a net, and we deserve to reap the reward of providing value to our clients. We don’t rely on an ineffective, partisan government, but on our own abilities and value.

I’m launching Alan Weiss’s Common Sense® Worldview in June, where I’ll discuss issues such as this one, education, globalization, technology, debt, opportunities, and so forth. You can find sample videos below, as well as registration, with one-third discount until May 15. The total comes to a few dollars a week to hear insights that are largely positive, oriented toward your growth, and entertaining. I hope you’ll join me as good times become better.

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