Would You Like Some Perspective in Your Coffee?

I have a hard time with people who “can’t” start their day without coffee. I’ve tolerated people late for meetings, or who have insisted we drive out of our way, or who have expected me to excuse boorish behavior on the basis of “not having had my coffee, yet.”

Then there are the people who need only certain kinds of coffee. They have to have Starbucks, or require soy milk, or a double shot in their latte. I saw one couple sit down at a counter in a breakfast restaurant carrying their own cups of Starbuck’s coffee. I felt like buying the restaurant on the spot just so that I could toss these two self-absorbed ignoramuses out on the street. I would think at that point they’d need more than coffee.

Self-absorption is like a black hole: It sucks everything out of the room, including oxygen.

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