I’ve found that excellent, successful people are uniformly able to listen to a new idea, analyze it for applicability in their circumstances, and use it, modify it, or abandon it. They don’t feel the need to disagree publicly or otherwise make a fuss. They have more important things to do and realize the idea may be entirely appropriate for others.

However, there are many people who see a new idea as an intruder on their small island. They set traps for it, attack it, disparage it, and ultimately barricade themselves from it if all else fails. I still have people today telling me that hourly billing is the only way to charge for consulting services. They might as well tell me that propellers are the only useful mechanisms to fly planes.

I don’t expect people to react to ideas I publish, whether they use them or not. I regard people as adults capable of making their own decisions. But a brief note on Twitter or a minor passage in one of my books can cause the “island people” to start throwing coconuts. If you don’t like my ideas, don’t use them, and disregard all those people growing wealthy with them. But I don’t care if you don’t agree with my ideas, and telling me just wastes your time because I ignore the feedback.

There is no reward for wrestling ideas to the ground and stomping the life out of them. There is a consequence, however, for a closed mind. And I know that it will take more than a biplane to get you off that island.

© Alan Weiss 2015

2 thoughts on “Wrestlemania

  1. I challenge them all the time. And I remove “friends” in three cases:
    1. Use of obscenity.
    2. Conspiracy theorists.
    3. Supporters of the nut case Bernie Sanders.

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