5 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall Episode 129: Spin

  1. I’m sure you meant to say Michael Moore not Roger Moore. I’d disagree that what he was doing with Charlton Heston was spin. I think Michael Moore set out deliberately to embarass, sully and insult the man. Is that considered spin, or just plain fighting? Debatable.

    • Thanks for catching that, Michael Moore is correct. But I do think it’s “spin” when you unilaterally create a message that doesn’t reflect truth but only your personal beliefs and biases. Heston was senile, maybe had dementia, and Moore influenced the setting and the responses from a largely helpless individual. He did set out to embarrass Heston and all conservatives, but he did it with spin, which in endemic to every “documentary” the guy has ever done.

      • I can see your point of view. I did think more about this later on, and wasn’t the whole “from my cold dead hands” basically spin? The government wasn’t after peoples’ guns, they were after a certain class of guns that are clearly not needed for home defence or legitimate hunting. So spin vs spin?

        I respect Michael Moore a lot for what he’s done to raise awareness of numerous issues. I don’t see his approach as documentary, more like entertainment documentary with an openly stated agenda, bias and all. All documentaries suffer from that in some way, but he openly takes it to the extreme and would be the first to admit it, I’m sure. His recent “Where to Invade Next” was a fun look at terrific ideas from other countries that will *never* be implemented here because our beauracracies are stuck in the mud. Worth checking out, even if you’re not a fan.

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