You Think Consulting Is Tough?

Anyone trying to make it in the acting profession can tell you that consultants have it easy. We just have to find economic buyers and convince them of our value.

Actors have to have the right look, be at the right place, appear at the right time, and then trust their fate to implausible casting decisions.

Last night, CBS debuted “Golden Boy,” a series using flashbacks from a fast track police commissioner to demonstrate how he arrived at his exalted status so fast. It stars Theo James (he played the Egyptian diplomat who shamed Mary in Downton Abbey) who simply cannot act. His interpretation of emotion—any emotion—is to dip his head and smirk. He must have done so 40 times in 40 minutes, and that was the extent of his range (from A to B, as they say).

How does a productions company, casting director, producer, director and assorted executive pooh-bahs allow such a horrible actor to gain a leading role? He is embarrassingly awful (as he was on Downton Abbey). There are thousands of actors waiting on tables who could do better in this role tomorrow.

He must have a great agent. Maybe that’s what consultants need—a great agent, no matter what their talent! It’s a good think we just need buyers and don’t need to convince casting directors. (Which is why you should stay our of human resources.)

© Alan Weiss 2013

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