If You’re Proclaiming Good Health, Why Are You Driving Like A Moron?

I don’t know why, but I’ve started thinking about bumper stickers. It’s rare to find a car with just one. They usually come in multiple postings, ranging from politics to health food, from sports teams to mystical affirmations. It seems to me that the drivers feel obligated to inform the rest of the world of their positions. I think they do so because they feel otherwise powerless. So this is the way they impress themselves on the world.

Their only “voice” is pasting their position on a packsack, house window, or car bumper. They are staking out their turf. Of course, being in a vehicle, there’s little chance of having to debate one’s position, especially on the interstate. Or for that matter, to learn why your position is factually incorrect and is simply the result of getting your information from Facebook.

But I wonder if these are the people more prone to road rage? To mar a vehicle just to proclaim your view, which no one else on the highway particularly cares about, seems a tad insecure. I’d think these folks would take poorly to being cut-off or having to yield to a faster driver.

Of course, I’ve never, ever seen a bumper sticker on a very expensive car. There’s obviously a reason for that.

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