Inside Out

I’m in a surgical suite this morning for my routine, five-year colonoscopy. HIPAA rules are paramount in these places: patient privacy at all costs. Yet, you can clearly hear the conversation with the receptionist and each patient checking in, and you can watch people in the prep room and hear the conversations between them and the nurses. This is Rhode Island. There’s at most three degrees of separation in the entire stat! I was hoping to meet one of our …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 12/10/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

I remember the comic Stephen Wright saying once that he’d love to be able to daydream, but he keeps getting distracted. I’m easily distracted because I find everything going on around me pretty interesting (except golf, fishing, and running) so I take mental trips when I should be paying more attention. I called the car dealership the other day, unhappy that they had picked up my car that morning and it still hadn’t been returned by late afternoon. They got …

I Was Just Thinking About You

It’s hard not to continue listening to someone you know who calls and says, “I was thinking about you….” That’s a pretty good way to revive a relationship with a past buyer. Of course, then you have to provide the value that prompted you to think about that person. That takes zero investment, just some inventiveness.