Uh, oh….

Business is usually in a huge reactive mode, which is why there is so little innovation in most places. For example, how many major businesses do you suspect right now are doing a hasty forensic audit of their top executives’ pay and taxes after the Ghosn scandal and arrest? How many universities are scrambling to investigate claims they ignored after the Dartmouth abuse has now been made public? Preventive action is always more effective than contingent action, and while we …

Altitude and Attitude: Dumb Ass Stupid Management

Why do we seem shocked when a wealthy, high level executive is found to be violating the law, or cheating, or unethical? A personality flaw, behavioral disorder,  narcissism or arrogance aren’t erased by a large paycheck and a big office. What we should be thinking about is the selection protocol (or lack of one) that allowed the individual to reach the top of a public firm. These people either worked their way to the top or were brought in from …

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/19/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

Thanksgiving in the US (and, I believe, Canada) is the largest of what are considered secular holidays. While many people attend church on Thanksgiving, it is considered non-denominational, of course. The first observance here is believed to be in 1619. Abraham Lincoln formalized the date as the final Thursday in November in the midst of the Civil War, thanks to indefatigable petitioning by Sarah Josepha Hale for 40 years. FDR moved it to the fourth Thursday (instead of the final …

Running Hard

I used to run track. When I fell behind in a race, I didn’t give up, or try to reinvent myself in the moment, or proclaim I was a victim, or ask for immediate advice from a coach. I ran harder. I didn’t always win, but I was always competitive, and since I was always competitive, I won my fair share.

Do You Love Me Or Not?

I’ve found that referrals are THE key source of business; that many consultants procrastinate about asking clients for referrals; that the reason for this is fear of rejection; and yet these clients are people who have already hired and paid the consultant for value. What’s wrong with that picture?


Some harsh truths: Unfortunately, there are some people who are actually disappointed that the horrific California fires are apparently the result of humans and not climate change. The terrible gas explosions in Massachusetts were apparently caused by an engineer not considering a certain sensor when redirecting gas flow. It snows in the northeast, and has for ten thousand years. Why are we so surprised when it does, and why so unprepared? If you’re going to get on an airplane with …

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 58: If, Then

There are consequences to everything we do, and we ought to consider them before jumping into action.  So, I’m offering a few “if, then” examples to help provide some perspective.


If you were standing midway around an oval track, and someone said, “Get to the point opposite as fast as possible,” would you run around the track or simply cut across the middle?! If you want to change from who you are today to some improved version, don’t look for gradual transitions or traditional routes, simply become that person. Stop taking the long way around because you think there are some rules in place. There aren’t.