11 Things

I’ve been consulting for quite a while and coaching consultants for quite a while. I try to learn along the way, daily. Yet, despite changing times and volatility, I find that there are 11 issues which constitute well over 90% of the issues with which I’ve had to contend. That’s why, despite the type of client or market, size or revenues, I can quickly hone in on the crux of the issue.

In no special order, those 11 issues are:

  1. Confusing the strategic with the tactical.
  2. Confusing cause and effect.
  3. Trying to find blame instead of cause.
  4. Failing to look and manage risk in decision making.
  5. Failing to create both preventive and contingent actions in decisions.
  6. Confusing planning with strategy.
  7. Failing to fire people who deserve to be fired.
  8. Seeking consensus instead of creating strong direction.
  9. Understanding the roles of both compliance and commitment.
  10. Responding to customer “wants” instead of identifying true needs.
  11. Using others’ (and the wrong) metrics.

You don’t need 300 people or a three-month study to analyze which of these are at work and fix them.

You’re welcome.

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