Some people are dentists because their parents were, or they were told it was lucrative, or their friends were, or they couldn’t become doctors. And some people are dentists because they love the career and the calling to help people. Which of them do you want to put a high speed drill in your mouth? Find a career that you’re passionate about and are great at (or can become great at). Use your own metrics for fulfillment, not someone else’s.

In Marrakech

We arrived in Marrakech from Zurich. Having been to 60 countries, this was the worst immigration process I’ve ever seen. Over a thousand people in serpentine lines shuffling forward, most with their faces in their iPhones often neglecting to move. The immigration officers were polite, but had the ridiculous paperwork for each person, as if we were petitioning to get into heaven. At least the luggage was waiting for us when we emerged, but then we had to get into …

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 50: Going Through the Motions

Why action is often meaningless and words are illusory.  Too many people are going through the motions, when we need to be in the moment.

“Good morning.” “What do you mean by that?!”

In my high school, a public school in a poor community, we had rhetoric, and debate teams that had to defend whatever position was put in front of them, and compete before judges with other schools. Today, there is no rhetoric and no debate. We refuse to listen to conflicting opinions and grow to hate people who don’t agree with us, no matter how suspect our own positions. A woman who feels her political opinions can’t be challenged and anyone …